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My first class at the Institute taught by Geeta

Geeta continues the legacy of B.K.S. Iyengar's teaching.  She was taught yoga by him as a child and has dedicated her life to practicing, teaching, and writing about yoga.  Her knowledge and insights are built on a life time's experience of teaching hundreds upon hundreds of students here at the Institute and internationally at various Iyengar conventions.

She is known for her powerful, commanding presence and high expectations of  students. Everyone I spoke with here who was attending their first class with Geeta expressed excitement and more than a bit of apprehension, as I was.

So the first class of the August session confirmed why I and so many make the pilgrimage to RIMYI (Ramani Iyengar Memorial Institute). The first week is standing poses and the sequence she taught was made up of asanas familiar to those of you who come to class at Live Oak Yoga and to other students.  In each of these asanas she told us to "Take the dorsal spine IN." (One way to do that which we do regularly is take the shoulders back and down.)  Here's the sequence in English so all of you can try it or even a portion of it in your practice groups or on your own:

Child's pose

Downward Dog

Upward Dog


Downward Dog

Mountain Upward Hands

Mountain Upward Bound Hands

Head Balance    "Dorsal spine in is a primary action of Sirsasana"

Full Arm Balance      Can substitute Full Arm Balance Prep

Downward Dog

Standfing Forward Bend

Full Arm Balance


Side Angle

Wide Leg Forward Bend

Wide Leg Seated

Shoulder Balance

Seated Forward Bend


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