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B.K.S. Iyengar Teaches the Women’s Class

There are two women's classes each week taught by Iyengar and his granddaughter Abhijata.  Abhi, as she is usually called, has been taught individually by Iyengar since childhood.  She is considered to be the next generation of Iyengar teachers.  Although only in her mid-twenties, she is remarkably mature, and poised with a clear, strong teaching presence.  She also has a lovely smile and a quick sense of humor.

Their close collaboration works seamlessly.  When we were setting up, Iyengar was having Abhi in Trikonasana apparently showing her teaching points to convey.  During class he stayed in his practice area and Abhi stood in the front of the hall.  She gave out instructions.  Throughout he would call out additional points or deeper insights into the asana, sometimes in Hindi, sometimes in English.

For example, when we were in Sirsasana, he spoke to Abhi and she passed it on to us.  "Do Sirsasana with your body, not your brain.  When you use your mind, you become heavy."

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