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Pune in Monsoon Season

Monsoon has always held an exotic connotation for me.  So when the rains were pounding the plane windows when we arrived in Mumbai, I wondered what am I in for?  After suspenseful searching for the taxi driver with my name placard, I finally found him near the end of the line up.  He took my luggage and pointed upwards."Heavy rain."  On the way to the hotel he elaborated.  "Heavy rain every day for month."

The next morning I flew on to Pune and the sun was shining.  Now I've been here a week and it's rained every day.  But the rain hasn't been heavy, but instead usually pleasant light drizzles and sprinkles.  All the Westerners here carry an umbrella as I do, but the Indians don't seem to be impressed by these sudden showers enough to pull out an umbrella. This monsoon weather brings with it cool air and light breezes. It also seems to suppress the dust and considerable pollution. So it's actually a pleasant time to be here.  The down side is the roads which are mostly dirt with some gravel. Combined with this rain they end up being mud and require attentive stepping to navigate.  Thanks now to Dell for suggesting I bring Crocs, ideal monsoon footwear.

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