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Attention from Geeta

Geeta definitely knows how to see to it that every student pays attention and does what she tells them to do.  Tonight the practice hall was packed, easily 80-90 people in five semi-circular rows.  She sits up on the stage and somehow sees every detail.  She calls out, "You in the orange shirt and green shorts.  Straighten your elbows.     Do it."

Halfway into the class, she called out, "You in the red shirt by the post. (That's me. I was in the fourth row.) I am teaching you Paschima Namaskarana (namaste hands behind the back) in all these different asanas so you can learn to press the palms together. Your palms are separating.  Press the palms together."

I was relieved actually to be corrected by Geeta in class.  I had heard about her reprimands, that sometimes are delivered loudly and had been concerned. When she spoke to me she was clear, firm and definitely motivating. I kept on trying and my palms did finally meet each other.

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