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Gentle Yoga at the Institute

The month long session I'm attending is for Westerners and Asians, people who travel from afar.  In addition to these advanced classes, the Institute offers a full range of classes for locals for beginners, intermediate, advanced, children, women, medical conditions, and seniors. We can sign up to observe these classes and I observed my first one this morning, Senior Beginners.

It was a one hour class. The teacher told me the students were 55-60 years old and many of them had medical conditions such as heart disease and lower backache.

This class went at a slower pace then the Gentle classes at Live Oak, but the teacher explained to me afterward that the Intermediate Senior class was more active.  Still this would be a fine sequence for those of you practicing together or on your own this month.

In all poses Roll Shoulders Back and Lift the Chest

Cross-legged pose  Upward Bound Hands

Upward Hands


Thigh to Abdomen                  (narrow mat against wall)

Both thighs to Abdomen

Reclined Hand to Foot I  (leg straight up)

Reclined Hand to Foot II   (leg supported on bolster or stack of narrow blankets)

I)bend leg take to side to rest on blankets  2)then straighten

Reclined Hand to Foot II   (leg straight & to side)

Reclined Cobbler pose     (blankets under knees & feet)

Reclined Cross-legged pose         "    "       "

Relaxation   (legs straight over bolster)

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