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Black Buses near the Institute

Yesterday there were four black police buses lined up on Hare Krishna Mandir Road  near the Institute.  A little odd, but they weren't there when I returned for the evening pranayama class.

This morning during the Open Practice someone from the office came to the hall and announced that the police would be doing a bomb squad training and we should move our mats back from the stage to allow them room to move.  When I left a bit early, there were three officers in camouflage uniforms standing on the pathway out. The last students to leave the practice hall were met by a half a dozen soldiers aiming their machine guns at them!

When I returned to our apartment which is next door to the Institute, Chris from Atlanta told me she saw police snipers on the roof of the apartment on the other side of the Institute.  My other apartment mate, Man Yee, originally from Hong Kong, rode up the elevator with two of the soldiers with machine guns to the ninth floor where our apartment is.  They were headed up to the roof.

Although in one way it was a disturbing reminder of the complexity of our world, it was also positive to see the police vigilance. They were gone by the time Geeta's evening class began.

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