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Chelo! Hindi Encouragement

We've had substitutes for a couple of classes this last week because Geeta has been unwell.  Gulnaz, who is on the teaching staff here teaches her own beginning and intermediate classes on the second floor. These classes are for locals and students who are visiting Pune, but weren't ready to go through the admission process to be in the advanced session. Gulnaz also assists Abhijata and Geeta.

She taught a challenging class of twists (parivrtta means revolved) that included Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana, Parivrtta Upavista Konasana, Parivrtta Paschimottanasana. These are all seated twists. Then several revolved Sirsasana/head balance and revolved Sarvangasana/shoulder balance variations.

Gulnaz has a natural, light-hearted temperament which helped me and others, I am certain, persevere.  Throughout the class, once she had given us the beginning instructions for an asana, she enthusiastically called out, "Chelo!  Chelo!" Although not certain of the meaning, still the meaning came through to me.  Move it!  Do it!  After class I asked her about it. Was is Marathi?  (the official language of Maharashtra State where Pune is located)  She said that it's more Hindi, but also Marathi.        And it means "Let's go!"

Later Sarah, from Britain and I were taking a rickshaw and passed Gulnaz walking.  We stopped and offered her a ride.  After she had sat down with us, she announced to Naana, the wonderful rickshaw driver for many RIMYI students, "Chelo!"

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