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Prashant on the Culture of Yoga

Last Tuesday night Prashant began class with the pronouncement,  "One for all and all for one."  He went on to explain.  When we practice we should do one action, e.g. tighten the elbow, not just to benefit the elbow and the arm, but also to benefit the knee and the leg, and actually the entire body.  When we do one action with the intention to help one body part, we may be effective, but we aren't productive.  Just as an entrepreneur can increase his investment by 100% or more in a year, we  need to practice with the intention of establishing connectivity in order to be productive practitioners.

Then he expanded this concept of "One for all and all for one" to describe the social culture of yoga.  "Yoga is a collective effort. " Just as a tight knit family supports each member, we need to cooperate with each other as we practice and learn.

Prashant is an original thinker and teacher. He interconnects fundamental truths in creative ways while we're holding Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Dog) and Trikonasana (Triangle) poses!

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