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The Brain of the Pose

At the beginning of the women's class as we sat in Swastikasana, Abhi gave us detailed instructions about folding the palms in Namaskar and ended by saying that drawing the inner shoulder blades towards each other and into the body was "the brain of the pose."

I had heard that term several times when taking classes from Brooke Meyer at the NYC Iyengar Institute and have pondered it a number of times.  Certainly I could infer that "the brain of the pose" was an important action, but why and how?  Iyengar speaks of spreading intelligence throughout our bodies as we practice. Every asana must have a "brain", but how can you learn this?

The next morning I was in the office early and Guruji was sitting there, I took a deep breath and went over to him and asked, "Guruji, What is the brain of a pose?"  He answered, "The source."  I asked further, "Where it initiates?"  He nodded. The most important?" He nodded again and added,  "You have to trace it."

Food for svadhyaya as I practice.

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