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The Children’s Class

When I was planning this trip, I turned to my longtime teacher and mentor, Dean Lerner, with several questions.  One was should I sign up to observe the classes.   I got a definite "yes" with the advice,  "Be sure to observe the Children's Class."

Yesterday morning there were close to 100 children in the Main Hall, ranging from about 6 years to middle teenagers, boys and girls equally represented.  The youngest and shortest were in the front semi-circular  row spreading out to the tallest in back.  They were cute before they got started.

Abhi taught the class with three assistants.  The tempo was lively and  the movement was nearly non-stop.  Very developmentally appropriate.

After a series of swift Urdhva Hastasana to Uttanasana and hopping in place, Abhi instructed the children to jump back from Uttanasana to Adho Mukha Svanasana and back to Uttanasana.

After several of these, Abhi had an assistant demonstrate jumping high by taking the heels to the buttocks and then legs up and back.  All of them quickly began imitating the demonstrator, looking a bit like frogs and a bit like donkeys with plenty of giggling mixed in.

What a great way to begin yoga.

What a delightful way to begin Sunday for all of us observing.

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