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Geeta Returns

Experiencing Geeta's teaching at the IYNAUS Convention in Portland in May 2010 inspired me to apply to study at RIMYI.  So when she became unwell after the first week of the session and didn't teach, I was disappointed.

Last Thursday evening she returned to give a profound talk on the Bhagavad Gita providing the deeper spiritual foundation and purpose of practicing yoga.

When Geeta sits down on the platform at the beginning of class, her presence is commanding.  She speaks in a straightforward, concise, and some times blunt way.  Yet she communicates a deep personal caring that is fundamentally feminine.

She gives us advice like a mother would, sometimes with chiding along with the concern and caring. Here is some of her advice from her last pranayama class of the session.

"Your body doesn't listen to you.  You tell is what to do and you think it's doing it, but many times it isn't."

"You do the asanas, but you don't do the actions."

"Know your weaknesses and practice on them.  You practice like the person next to you."

"Just as a doctor does an autopsy to find out why someone has died, you must learn to observe your body, the right side and the left side."

"You must learn all this.  You have to be a keen student to learn this."

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